Stop letting your money be eaten away because you are busy at work.

A 15-minute, no-fuss guide for committed professionals on how to invest without attention cost.

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© Project Umbrella.

Stop letting your money be eaten away because you are busy at work.

A 15-minute, no-fuss guide for committed professionals on how to invest without attention cost.

© Project Umbrella.

Getting an average of 8% in annual return with almost zero attention? I am surprised."

- Jessie Yu, Actuarial Analyst

"Yes, the returns I can get from a savings instrument may not match what I can get from staring at the US, Hong Kong and Chinese markets..."; but Jessie is perfectly fine with this; she can now lock her hard-earned profits in a savings instrument and enjoy a satisfactory return.

But Wait... Why don't I just what I have earned in the bank?

Savings instruments combat inflation risk while bank deposits do not. You might not feel it now, every $100,000 in your bank, $3,000 is gone each year due to inflation.

The risk of investments are borne by the insurance company, and policy owners enjoy returns that are a lot higher, without sacrificing their time, attention and withstanding volatility in the market. These capital growth goals are achieved because your money is invested in a diversified portfolio of shares, bonds, private equity, assets in emerging markets etc. The end result is, the purchasing power of your wealth will actually keep up with inflation and your hard-earned money is in check.

While bank deposits do offer liquidity, a balance between returns and liquidity is the best way to gain more wealth, and you should never ignore the exponential gains you can get from a savings instrument, at a sweet-spot level risk.

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With Project Umbrella, you can....

Hop onto opportunities that regular investors can't reach

Our global dedicated investment team works around the clock - they create a smart portfolio of shares, funds, most importantly, opportunities in emerging markets and private equity that regular investors can't get access to.

Enjoy a highly customised portfolio with YOU in mind

Project Umbrella does not believe that one single plan thrown to you can be your perfect solution to every problem; instead, we customise your portfolio according to your spending preferences. With you in mind.

Have complete peace of mind

Want to get to the very granular details? No problem, we will explain them to you. As long as you want to know them. #solictors101

What our clients told us

"My financial preferences are very carefully taken care of. They are super patient and answered all my tricky questions."

- Jacky Lau

"Adriana is really concerned about my well-being. Genuine, responsible, efficient and thoughtful, it was a wonderful experience.

- Kay Poon

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"Cloris is very professional and passionate. She even did a comparison chart to compare what I can get in Australia VS in Hong Kong.

- Mark Liang

Meet Project Umbrella.

Project Umbrella is a team of professional financial consultants; formed by previous solicitors and therefore, insistent on redefining the level of professionalism in the financial advisory industry.

In this digital age, we are merging the convenience and seamless customer experiences of AI-powered insurance companies; and the absolute peace of mind and empowering solutions that could only be brought by human consultants.

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